An honest company
that never loses its value of existence,
Dream of becoming a company that sells
happiness and dream.

A company specializing in business planning service, irene & company
Name of company
irene&company Co., LTD.
Mi-jung Kim
Corporation establishment
August 30, 2012
9, Dongmak-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Phone number
Tel. 070-4640-4840
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    Web page production / planning service / creative

    irene&company Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in business planning wervice. It aims to expand sales of client companies, providing them with its business planning service such as planning online business, writing planning document, and producing web site.
    With know-how about planning in various fields, it executes professional activities ranging from dealing with business start-ups, new businesses, and all kinds of projects to consulting. On the basis of one-step-ahead thinking and spirit of challenge, irene&company Co., Ltd. is growing into “the world’s best business plan service” centering round business planner activities.

    Key values

    irene&company’s symbol is ginkgo tree. Ginkgo tree has a strong life force and great abilities including air cleaning. For global peace and development, it will take a leaf out of gingko tree’s lifeforce, classical scholar’s dignity, and humanitarian spirit to become a company doing honest business.


    We will pursue sustainability management without losing our value of corporate existence.

    Strong life force

    We will pursue sustainability management without losing our value of corporate existence. With a life force as strong as gingko tree’s, we aim to grow into a remarkable company that changes the stream of times.


    We will become an honest company based on a solid foundation.

    classical scholar’s dignity

    We will not handle our business for immediate gains, and establish a solid foundation to become a company as honest as a classical scholar who never yields to any temptation.

    to society

    We promise to become a company that is of great help to the world.


    We will try to make sure that some of our profits are donated to the society so that more people can have a happy life.
    We promise to become a company that is of great help to the world.


    A company that sells
    happiness and dreams

    irene&company is a company that sells happiness and dreams to many people. We will bring success and happiness to our customers and make their dream.


    A company specializing
    in business planning service

    We aim to satisfy customers by activating Korean companies in the global online market and developing online businesses that fit the times.

    Everyone thinks of changing the world,
    but no one thinks of changing himself.

    We are dreaming of changing the world. We hope that we can make our employees happy under any circumstances, that this society becomes more transparent and just, and that all the people have a peaceful and family filled with love.
    Sometimes, we feel sorry for polar bears so deeply that we even get upset with the people who cause global warming.
    Our eyes ache with tears to read about poor people in a newspaper, and our anger grows to see the world of politics full of corruption and fights.

    It took such a long time to realize that those who cannot change themselves cannot even change any environment, let alone influencing the change.

    We will be the first ones who are always transparent and just.
    We will be the ones who make our employees and customers happy.
    We will be the ones who always love our families for peace.
    We will use environmentally-friendly products and save energy.
    We will be the ones who know the power of giving and put it into practice regardless of our economic backgrounds.
    We will fulfill our obligations as a citizen of the country before criticizing the world of politics.
    We hope that we will give a little contribution to changing this world.

    irene& company’s management ethics

    Just call me Irene! Sep 7, 2011 No.1

    Article 1 Trust

    1)  Keep promises no matter how small they are. 
    2)  Come up with a way of solution if you fail to keep a promise.
    3)  Maintain consistency.
    4)  Be responsible.

    Article 2 Value

    5) Give values to all the people and objects in the world.
    6) Prioritize valuable relationships and time. 
    7) Have a passion only for the work and objects that you think are valuable.

    Article 3 Honesty

    8) For whatever reason, tell the truth.
    9)  Make a decision as ruling out your interests under any circumstances.
    10) Always make yourself take responsibility for failure.

    Article 4 Modesty

    11) Listen carefully anywhere at any time. 
    12) Act with no assumption that you are reasonable.  
    13) Throw away all the stereotypes and prejudices.
    14) Try to find virtue from everyone.

    Article 5 Consideration

    15) Understand situations that other people face and relate to them. 
    16) Play a leading role in solving problems. 
    17) Share everything including wealth and fame.
    18) Rather than trying to meet the current mood of others, be helpful to them for their future.

    Article 6 Intelligence

    19) Study forever.
    20) Whatever you do, store up the relevant knowledge at a preparatory stage.
    21) Place books everywhere you are.
    22) Learn from all the people and objects in the world.

    Article 7 Wisdom

    23) Act prudently for the best result.
    24) Be flexible depending on what situation you are in and who you are dealing with.
    25) Make decisions after recovering composure.


    Article 8 Tolerance
    26) Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
    27) Forget everything after forgiveness.
    28) Extend your latitude of acceptance in terms of all situations irrelevant to belief.


    Article 9 Courage
    29) Prepare thoroughly for every work to build self-confidence.
    30) Do not mistake excitement at new things for fear.
    31) Never give up.


    Article 10 Self-control
    32) Make good habits as many as you want. 
    33) Cultivate not sociality but emotional sociality.
    34) Do what you want to do for your future, not what you want to do at present.
    35) Refrain from all the words and deeds which are not based on this constitution.